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Boating Magazine today officially tested and approved Ratchet Jacket on its quality and effectiveness! Click here to check out their review!

Boating Magazine
We Test: Ratchet Jacket

Published - 4/11/16 

One of a Kind Design Made for Protection  

Built Better & Stronger than others 

than your greasy, wadded-up rag



Functions and Adavantages 

What is a Ratchet Jacket?

A Ratchet Jacket is a "patent pending" system used to protect whatever it is you are transporting such as a car, boat, jet ski, motorcycle, furniture, building supplies, etc. Anything that has a finished or painted surface that could either wear off or become scratched.

Now, you can take it easy with this Ratchet Jacket in place. It is made specifically to keep the sharp metal ratcheting mechanism and a ratchet strap away from your cargo. It will also protect a surface from chaffing with rope, straps, chains or any tie down you currently use. The jacket can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is a soft, flexible and stretchable tube that can fit numerous types of tie downs and the different sizes on the market today.

Don't ruin Grandma's antique dresser, your brand new motorcycle, or your gorgeous boat!

When you secure something with a tie down that tie down is pressed tightly against a surface. This causes the tie down to rub against the surface which will cause damage. It may not be noticeable at first but it can rub that finish right off, tear through surfaces such as fiberglass, or even take that protective coat off of metal which leads to oxidation. Any of these issues is sure to cost a small fortune to get fixed or to replace.

How does it work?

  • It's simple construction and its design is its key to success. The Ratchet Jacket is a tube with an opening on the top face which allows you to slide both ends of your tie down though easily. 

  • There's no trying to feed it through or fighting it to get it through. Once the ends of the tie down are slid through, the Jacket begins to shine. If you are using a Ratchet Jacket the hole provides a home for the ratchet to sit so it won’t damage your stuff.

  • If you are using rope it allows you to pull both ends and tie a knot that won’t be able to hit any surface. As a tube you can slide it to wherever the pressure points are between your cargo and the tie down. Since the Jacket is a tube there is no worry of it coming off and flying down the road behind you! No more using towels, rags, cardboard or other materials you have been using as a buffer between the cargo surface and the tie down.